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Emaar South : The Next Investment Destination?

Posted by Admin on October 9, 2021

A promising golf course development situated in the southern region of Dubai, enhanced by its surrounding amenities that significantly contribute to its value. It’s essential to note the proximity to Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport when discussing the project’s location, as these airports delineate Dubai’s urban expanse. The imminent transition of Dubai over the next 5-7 years underscores the city’s future trajectory towards the southern district, symbolized by the shift from DXB to DWC. In this discourse, we delve into one of Emaar’s renowned projects in Dubai’s southern precinct, namely Emaar South.

Emaar South:
Community Overview Positioned as the future epicenter of Dubai, Emaar South within Dubai South offers a tranquil retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle, boasting contemporary infrastructure. Launched in 2016, this expansive community spans 145 square kilometers, housing 22,700 residential units and over 20 community parks, making it a highly coveted address in Dubai. With ten residential complexes offering a mix of apartments, villas, and townhouses, Emaar South also features 53,000 square meters of retail space and an 18-hole championship golf course. Notably, its proximity to Al Maktoum International Airport further enhances its appeal.

Location Dynamics:
Dubai South’s burgeoning prominence is set to elevate Dubai’s global standing, with substantial government investments totaling AED 2 billion in real estate development. Anticipating a significant contribution to GDP by 2025, Dubai South’s strategic location, bordered by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road, ensures seamless connectivity to the city and beyond. Residents enjoy swift access to Abu Dhabi and Jebel Ali Port within 30 minutes, Expo 2020 within 10 minutes, and Al Maktoum International Airport within 7 minutes, fostering an environment ripe for investment and growth.

Future Prospects of Al Maktoum International Airport:
As the world’s largest airport, Al Maktoum International Airport is poised to become a global aviation hub, catering to two-thirds of the world’s population within an eight-hour flight radius. With a projected annual passenger capacity of 220 million, Dubai is primed to accommodate a substantial influx of travelers over the next 15 to 20 years, facilitated by efficient air-to-sea connectivity within a four-hour timeframe.

Dubai’s Southern Shift:
Dubai South emerges as the nucleus of tomorrow’s commerce and innovation, with key landmarks such as the World Trade Center and Expo City gravitating towards this dynamic locale. The government’s strategic development initiatives, notably the expansion of Al Maktoum International Airport, aim to foster organized growth, with Emaar South positioned as the premier residential community amidst this transformative landscape.

Demographic Outlook:
Already home to 25,000 residents, Dubai South is projected to accommodate one million residents and generate 500,000 jobs in the near future, underlining its pivotal role in Dubai’s urban evolution.

Connectivity Hub:
Emaar South’s strategic location offers unparalleled connectivity to major destinations, including the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi Airport, Palm Jebel Ali, Expo City, industrial corridors, and logistics hubs, ensuring convenience and accessibility unparalleled in the region.

Global Comparative Analysis:
Comparing property prices globally, Emaar South stands out as an exceptional investment opportunity, offering premium amenities at an affordable price point. Unlike India, where property prices near airports are exorbitant, Dubai presents an attractive proposition for investors seeking high-quality developments at competitive prices.

Impact of Etihad Railway :
The Etihad Railway, adjacent to Emaar South, promises seamless connectivity across GCC countries, further catalyzing Dubai’s development as a regional hub.

Projected Appreciation:
Golf course communities in Dubai typically experience higher price appreciation, with properties witnessing a 20-25% increase in value, underscoring the investment potential of Emaar South.

Government Vision for Dubai South:
The government’s commitment to enhancing Dubai’s appeal as a tourist destination, particularly through Expo 2020, underscores the immense potential of Dubai South as a thriving economic and cultural hub.

Dubai South embodies the future of Dubai, propelled by visionary government initiatives and strategic investments. As the city’s epicenter of growth, investing in Emaar South offers unparalleled opportunities for those keen to be part of Dubai’s remarkable journey. For further inquiries or to explore Emaar South, reach out to us today!

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